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Holistic Health From the Inside-Out

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Many people have heard the saying at one point or another that 'you can be skinny and unhealthy' ( add a good "Ya Know" for those of us raised in the midwest).

I remember this being a bold statement when I was younger because I and many people I knew equated health to only how you look on the outside and what the magazines portrayed (and in that world, skinny = healthy). However, I started learning more and it started making more sense. After all, just because you are skinny does not mean that you are fit, have a good amount of muscle and cardiovascular stamina, or are eating well. I learned about the prevalence of eating disorders and how many young people will starve themselves to stay skinny, setting themselves up for years of emotional, hormonal, reproductive, and metabolic issues. I started gaining a better understanding that health was not simply how you looked from the outside.