We are a vitalistic chiropractic office committed to serving everyone on their health journey with respect, authenticity and an open heart.


Hello! we are Dr. Rachel and Josh Wurdemann, a husband and wife duo living locally on Daniel Island with our spunky one-year-old Maverick. We are passionate about providing hope and healing to anyone who feels stuck in their health or life. We've experienced what it is like to be in pain physically, mentally, and emotionally, and have found tools that have helped us transcend those cycles and lead empowered and purposeful lives. We love helping others do the same! 


Dr. Rachel graduated as Salutatorian of her undergraduate class with a Bachelors in Health Coaching from Life University in Marietta, GA and then went on to complete the Chiropractic program at Life University as well. She was active in several clubs and school organizations throughout her time at the University, as well as attending over 2 dozen additional technique and personal development seminars, and serving on two humanitarian trips to Delice, Haiti, and Ensenada, Mexico respectively. She focused most of her additional study on the BGI (Bio-Geometric Integration) chiropractic approach, with almost half of her additional seminars devoted to learning and developing her skill as a BGI practitioner. Dr. Rachel has taken advanced classes and seminars in pregnant and pediatric care and is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. She is a lifelong learner and is always looking to provide the best care possible for every person in front of her. She is currently extending her knowledge base deeper by taking masters level classes in positive psychology and life coaching to be able to better understand and facilitate lasting positive change for herself and others.  

I've always believed in living life to the fullest. Even as a young girl I had a strong adventurous side and was always outside climbing trees or doing 'stunts' on the large swing-set in my backyard. (It's probably a miracle I only ended up with some stitches and not any broken bones growing up.) When I found myself an adult, having lost who I was and holding only a glimmer of the flame of my true self, I knew something had to change. Vitalistic chiropractic care helped me to heal what was holding me back from being who I truly am. It transformed my life and I feel so blessed to be able to facilitate this work for others. 

Dr. Rachel, Vitalistic Chiropractor 

I was raised in a chiropractic family and grew up living and breathing a vitalistic lifestyle my entire life. I was a competitive track athlete in high school and chiropractic care helped me compete at my best. My passion is people, and nothing fires me up more than others stepping into their power and lighting up. I enjoy working with growth-oriented people and businesses. My inspiration for starting this business with my wife is to grow and inspire a community that plays all out, loves deeply, shares generously, feels passionately, and constantly strives for the greater good for our world. We're in this together!

Josh, Office Manager