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I’ve been seeing Dr. Rachel for almost a year and the difference in how I feel is night and day. I had chronic neck, jaw, and hip pain for years and tried all the traditional chiropractors with little/temporary relief. Dr. Rachel and her method have completely changed the way my body responds to stress and it’s amazing. It feels like a huge heavy cloud has been lifted. Highly recommend!

Acacia M.

Dr. Rachel’s adjustments are a magical experience. She has complete awareness of you and your body and knows exactly what you need at that moment in time. She is gentle, but strong; a wise and powerful force wrapped in a petite frame. She will take you to a state of complete ease and stillness.

Andrea H. 

Dr Rachel is amazing. Her unique & individualized approach to addressing a variety of issues for all age groups is amazing.

Liz W.

Dr. Rachel has been absolutely amazing. Her holistic approach to chiropractic has allowed me to heal physically and mentally. She explains the science of vitalistic chiropractic thoroughly and follows up with you to ensure you are headed in the right direction of healing.

Kevin G.

What can I say about this amazing place. This is a low impact chiropractic experience. I was a traditional "snap, crackle, pop" kinda girl and thought that I loved it. I came here because I had so much pain in my back and shoulder that it would wake me up at night. It is now GONE! I feel fantastic!!! Wish I would give more stars!!!

Caroline C. 

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