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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. I'm Dr Rachel and I opened Sanctuary Blue in 2019 to create a gentle, nurturing, and holistic chiropractic experience. I'm so honored to facilitate nervous system healing that goes beyond traditional neck and back pain relief and helps to integrate the stress and experiences that can build up and impact us physically, mentally, emotionally, and chemically.  My unique approach bridges between neurologic chiropractic, hands-on cranio-sacral, and bio-energetic healing techniques that have helped me with my own personal healing as well as the 100's of clients I've served over the past 4 years. Wether you are experiencing chronic pain, headaches, mental fog, anxiety, fatigue, burnout, or anything else in the way of your fullest vitality, I'd love to help. My goal is to empower every person who comes into my space to know the potential for your body to Heal, and to experience a life full of Purpose, Connection, and Joy. I can't wait to get to know you and walk alongside you in whatever your journey brings! 

Why Vitalistic Chiropractic? 

I thought Chiropractors only treat back pain? As Vitalistic Chiropractors we have a much more holistic model for health. At Sanctuary Blue we look at you as a whole being and use your body’s innate wisdom to unleash your healing abilities. 

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